2013-11-09 11.44.13-1

I had an unexpected afternoon off on Thursday with nothing planned, so I decided to photograph all the junk lounging in my currently unused second floor and post it on Craigslist. My first sale? The horrendously heavy, brokendown old sleeper sofa in the bonus room! It was a little bittersweet, having grown up with my girls and been the scene of countless sleepovers, movie nights, homework all-nighters, convos with best friends, and more. But, it was the first step in preparing to actually MOVE in a few months. And to think, those nice people actually paid ME $25 for the privilege of hauling that behemoth away!!! Work your magic Craigslist; help me unload the rest of my stuff. I’ll be saving the money I make from this project for something special for the cottage.

2013-11-07 16.25.27

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