While wrestling with comments/feedback (can you tell I’m a blogging newbie?), I missed these emails about my Kitchenspiration post:

‘Watching! :)’ from Darlene

‘I kinda like the white. I think you’ll love it—it won’t show crumbs! Ha!’ from Jamie

‘I would probably choose the Umbo White, it has a lot of interest and sparkle, without competing with your things. However if you don’t want to be as “safe” and if your things are kept on the table, on shelves, or in a cabinet, versus ON the counter itself, then it won’t compete as much to use the Emerald Coast, and may be just the right accent. Either way, they’re both lovely.’ from Marina


‘I like the top one. What did you decide on?’ from Glenda

Thanks for your feedback ladies! Very helpful :-). I’m leaning toward Umbo White — as much as I love Emerald Coast, I’m afraid it might limit me in the future. What do you think? What about Emerald Coast for my bathrooms instead, so that it’s in a smaller space? Hmmm, decisions, decisions…

I love, love, LOVE sea glass! And we love the colors and style of the coastal region of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Those things are the inspiration for much of the look I hope to achieve for our new/old house. I’m sold on using recycled glass from Vetrazzo for my countertops; now the question is whether to go with Emerald Coast (lots of lovely soft green, and a bit of blue, “float glass”, mixed with oyster shells from the Carolina coast and Georgia white marble) or Umbo White (basically the same without the green/blue glass colors). With that in mind, here’s the color palette I’m planning for my kitchen. Which countertop color would you choose?

Emerald Coast countertop material.
Emerald Coast countertop material.
Umbo White countertop material.
Umbo White countertop material.

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