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Infographic: Feng Shui your home

This is really interesting — and very similar to the shape of our cottage. Just take the garage off the front and move it to the back (picture a backwards L), reverse the kitchen and living room, and you’ve pretty much got it! I’ll try some of these ideas and let you know how they work out.

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Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise


If you come to visit us, pay close attention to the black triangular sign you see above. For those of you who aren’t familiar with a slab bridge, there’s one about a half mile from our house. Here’s the definition according to Merriam-Webster:

“a short-span bridge consisting of a reinforced-concrete slab resting on abutments”

From what the neighbors have told us, water covers the slab a few times a year; it’s happened twice since we bought the little farm but we haven’t seen it first-hand yet. Cripple Creek rises fast — really fast — especially when there are heavy rains in Cannon County to the east of us. The water runs through a wide field on the way to our road, and when it’s rolling it carries a lot of debris, including large trees, across the slab. This is a picture of a similar Tennessee bridge that’s been overtopped by heavy rains:


Scary! Our road is paved, but you get the idea. I took these photos the day after a recent slab closing so you can get an idea of how high the water is, even hours later. It’s normally pretty placid here, barely flowing at all.


You can tell from the debris line on the road that the water extends a good 10-15 feet beyond either end of the slab. This view is heading north from our place, on the way to the highway we take to get to civilization. The water flows from right to left — there are huge metal culverts underneath the concrete that you can’t see in this photo.Image

So, if you come to visit and that black triangular sign has morphed into the orange sign above, DON’T TRY TO CROSS THE BRIDGE! There are multiple signs on both sides of the slab, but be watchful, especially at night, if you’re out our way in rainy weather; it appears the sign-flipping is a voluntary thing that the folks who live closest to the signs are in charge of. If they’re not home when the creek rises, the signs may not get changed. Luckily there are several other only-slightly-less-convenient ways to get to us from the “back” side of our property that don’t entail risking your vehicle or your life. Call us and we’ll give you directions, or googlemap the alternate routes on your smartphone (thankfully, we have great 4G service in our neck of the woods), when the sky looks threatening!

Thanksgiving indeed

I’m thankful for this little adventure we’ve gotten ourselves into, and can’t wait to see how it turns out! Demolition of the interior of the house is underway; pictures to come. In the meantime, let’s eat some TURKEY and spend time with family.

Oh, and comments are finally working. Leave one if you feel the urge! If you’ve commented in the past, they didn’t stick — I’d love to hear from you again.

I’ll leave you with Big G showing Ivy the farm. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Big G's farm buddy.
Big G’s farm buddy.


2013-11-09 11.44.13-1

I had an unexpected afternoon off on Thursday with nothing planned, so I decided to photograph all the junk lounging in my currently unused second floor and post it on Craigslist. My first sale? The horrendously heavy, brokendown old sleeper sofa in the bonus room! It was a little bittersweet, having grown up with my girls and been the scene of countless sleepovers, movie nights, homework all-nighters, convos with best friends, and more. But, it was the first step in preparing to actually MOVE in a few months. And to think, those nice people actually paid ME $25 for the privilege of hauling that behemoth away!!! Work your magic Craigslist; help me unload the rest of my stuff. I’ll be saving the money I make from this project for something special for the cottage.

2013-11-07 16.25.27